Junior Golf Lessons

Junior Golf Lessons

Here at CrosleyGolf, we believe in a LONG TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT. It is a Junior Golf philosophy that is quite a bit different than most junior programs you normally see.

The basis of it is essentially that golf is a late development sport, so we will develop excellent athletes 1st, and an awesome golfer 2nd.

There is an excellent workshop put on by Dr. Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute. PLEASE watch the video if you want your son/daughter to be become excellent golfers and excellent athletes in general.

We have several different junior programs at CrosleyGolf. They are as follows:

Titleist Performance Institute Junior Programs:
These are not your ordinary Junior Golf Clinics! We will never be lining up and hitting balls for an hour. We will have fun, learn, become better athletes, be in better shape, and have a great start at becoming AWESOME golfers!

Kids Like Golf When: Its's Fun, They can fit In with others, They can do it with friends, Feels Good, and They're Good at It!!! 
We work with the 5 minute rule!! Kids attention spans are short, so we need to keep changing what we do to keep it new and fun.    

Ages 6 to 10 
Saturdays (exact times vary thru year) and 5:30 to 6:30 pm
Tuesdays after-school (exact times vary thru year)
$20 per session! 
Space is limited! Sign up early and often!!

Ages 10 to 15 
Saturday mornings (exact times vary thru year)
Thursdays after-school (exact times vary thru year)
$20 per session!
Space is limited! Sign up early and often!!


50 Minutes:  $55
Series of 5: $250